Fresh Orange

Piece 1000

Best oranges from the land of Pakistan

City name Gujranwala the famous fruit

the best fruit source of vitamin C.

Buy in bulk quantity as you want

deliver fresh from garden

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    Piece 1000

    It is the latest variety of orange produced in Valencia and possibly the most widespread worldwide. It belongs to the family of White oranges. Medium in size, flattened in shape, with smooth, thin skin and a pale orange color. Unlike the Navel family, it does not have a belly button. It is a very juicy and sweet orange, with a higher degree of acidity than the Lamellate and a very good flavor. It can present some seeds. It produces a large amount of juice, although it can also be taken as a table orange. The pulp of these oranges is strong and compact

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    1. Sara

      Etiam ultrices. Suspendisse in justo eu magna luctus suscipit. Sed lectus. Integer euismod lacus luctus magna. Quisque cursus,

    2. maaz (verified owner)

      one of the best fruit that helps your body make collagen, a protein that heals wounds and gives you smoother skin and Pakinstan orange have unique tast

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