What Do Salt Licks Do, And Does Your Horse Need One?

A salt lick isn’t going to kill your horse. But are there any benefits to a salt lick? Do you absolutely have to have one? Well, there are many potential benefits to a salt lick, but that doesn’t mean they are absolutely mandatory.

  • Providing Nutritional Access
  • Physical Strength And Beauty
  • Keeping The Appetite Up
  • Preventing Sickness

Why Do Horses Crave Salt?

To understand the good health of horses, it is very important to understand the difference between craving and needing. If you need something then, it is necessary for live. If you crave something then it is just a something that you want for your personal happiness. Horses are capable of both craving and needing salt as well.

You need to be careful of. Too many grams of salt a day will for sure hurt your horse’s health. If you have a horse that likes the taste of salt and will eat more than is healthy if allowed, you’ll need to necessary its salt intake. An required mineral it may be, but like many other things, too much can be even worse than too little.

If your horse is the type that likes to lick a salt for a little while, but then goes about its regular day, it is likely that it just has a salt deficiency and needs a little more chloride and sodium in its diet. If you have a horse that will consume an entire salt block in one sitting, it probably just love it.

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